Questions Prospective Companies May Ask:

Will my company benefit from the Scalerator program?

That’s a fair question. All participants in the Scalerator NEO program found great value in the program (see Testimonials), and Scalerator has been running in other parts of the country and the world. Here’s what we heard from companies that we talked to after they went through the Scalerator in Milwaukee:

  • The owner of a manufacturing company said the opportunity to learn with peers helped him develop closer ties with his customers and more sales.

  • A distributor of construction tools experienced 70% growth after using the lessons from the Scalerator to diversify the firm’s product line.

  • A minority-owned construction firm doubled the number of projects they’re working on after going through the program.

  • Executives with a vehicle leasing business said they and their employees learned to speak the language of growth, and that skill translated quickly into higher sales.

Can the Scalerator really help a company grow?  The Scalerator curriculum has proven to help companies from diverse industries and sectors grow -- many increasing 25% or more following the program and about 75% are experiencing aggressive growth. The first Scaleraor NEO cohort collectively experiences a growth in earnings (EBIT) of 40% from 2016 to 2017 and the group plans to double growth from 9% in 2017 to 18% in 2018.

Who attends the workshops? The owner / CEO of the business commits to attend each of the workshops. Appropriate members of the company’s executive team may accompany the owner at specific workshops. For example, the company’s top sales executive may be encouraged to attend workshops focused on sales strategies.

What kind of companies will be in the program? One of the proven perks of the Scalerator program is that entrepreneurs benefit from learning from their contemporaries in diverse industries. The Selection Committee will choose a diverse class of companies to maximize the value of the program for the participants.

Who is teaching the classes? Scalerator NEO is taught primarily by faculty from Babson College. Check out the bios of the faculty. Dan Isenberg, founding director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, developed the curriculum and selects the faculty. Dan is a former entrepreneur and investor as well as a professor at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and Columbia University Business School. Babson College is ranked as the nation’s top provider of entrepreneurship education. 

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Scalerator NEO is run by the same world-class faculty that operates Scale Up Milwaukee. Hear what the CEOs say about how that program results in sales and profit growth.

“Last quarter we had 52% sales growth.”
— Allen Oelschlaeger, Vistelar Group
“If you are a growing business, this is the place you want to be.”
— Ugo Nwagbaraocha, Diamond Discs International
“The (Scalerator) is just magical. We are growing, growing, growing.”
— John McWilliam, Scathian