Scalerator NEO Growth Stories & Testimonials - 2nd Cohort 2018

Scalerator NEO Testimonials 2017 and Program Summary.

The impact on the growth has been ... WOW! ... in so many ways.
— Mitch Zlotnik, President, Audimute
If you are considering the Scalerator program, I do not think it is a matter of whether you should do it; it’s something you must do.”
— Mitch Zlotnik, President, Audimute
Using the lessons we learned from Scalerator, we turned an initial $50K project into a $1.75M project.
— Mike Smith, President, HyperProductive
My commitment to Scalerator has resulted in making much more rapid growth in a short period of time than we would have had without Scalerator.”
— Dr. Merle Griff, CEO, SarahCare Solutions
“We’ve grown that business year to date ... 18% ... In our market it typically grows no more than 3-5% growth, so that is really great performance!”
— Ron Zieske, CEO, Heat Seal
From a growth perspective, the process has helped us to better focus and identify the targeted areas where we have the best chance of success going forward.”
— Patrick Lauber, President, Harrison Paint
If you’re the CEO of a $5 - $10M company and are looking for a way to get your team fired up …and find better ways to do (things), this is a fantastic way to do it.
— Chip Gear, President, The Technology House
The best thing about the Scalerator is the peer working groups and being able to interact with lots of people … that are going through similar things … with you.
— Brian Doud, COO, Terves