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If you know of a Northeast Ohio company with sales revenues between $5M - $15M that may benefit from participating in the Scalerator NEO Program, please share information below, and they will be contacted.  There is also draft language you can use to email a prospective company below the referral form.  In addition, there are additional programs serving NEO companies with revenues of $150K - $4M - like the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at Tri-C.

If you have questions, email Chris Keller at Thanks for your time, consideration and support.

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Draft Language for Prospective Company:

If you would like to forward a note to a prospective company, here is some draft language you may choose to use:

Motivated to grow your business?  You’re not alone.

Burton D. Morgan Foundation and Richard J. Fasenmyer Foundation are bringing a proven program (Scalerator) to Northeast Ohio for entrepreneurs and leaders that want to deliver immediate growth into their business and are open to learning new ways to do so.  The cohort-based educational program is led by world-class faculty from Babson (#1 Entrepreneurship School in the U.S.), Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School and other leading entrepreneurship schools and is a mix of peer-to-peer exercises and faculty-led workshops, which have helped more than 100 companies enter into new, rapid growth. 

This is not time away from your business; it is time to focus on growing your business with like-minded leaders. 

Scalerator NEO’s first program runs from April – October 2017 and is free for 15-20 selected companies (of any industry) with roughly $5 million to $15 million in annual sales. 

There has been a very nice response to this exciting first-time program. To learn more about Scalerator NEO and if it is right for your company, go to for more information.  To be considered, complete a short application here.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and qualified companies will be eligible for interview dates in January and February.